Creating the boogeyman

“Democrats are cynical manipulators that give not one damn about their constituencies except as a vehicle to win elections.”

I am sure this isn’t the first time that I have heard my father curse, but it is the first I can recall. This is a phrase from his critique of my post Republicans are whining, self-pitying children, too. I think that he’s right in general. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a dangerous attitude to have, though.

Here’s the problem – the average Democrat on the street is no more a cynical manipulator than you or I are. (To be fair – my father made this point as well. I just happened to like his statement, and it IS reflective of a certain attitude that is not uncommon among the right.) The average Democrat, the one that creates so many problems, is one of the Entitled or the Benighted. That link is well worth a read, but I’m going to briefly cover the three categories of progressive here.

The Anointed

The Anointed are the enemy. The Anointed are the cynical manipulators mentioned in my father’s quote. Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid – these are the Anointed. You’ll note that I did not mention Our Glorious Leader. I’ll get to him shortly.

The Entitled

The Entitled are the people who form the foundation of the power of the Anointed. They are the ones who stand to ‘benefit’ from the policies enacted. Our Glorious Leader is one of these (yes, it’s because he’s black. Yes, I’m racist. Did you think there was any OTHER reason a third year senator with not one single real accomplishment to his name was elected? Doesn’t sound nearly as racist when phrased that way, does it? He’s a puppet.)

The Benighted

The Benighted are those who support progressive policy because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do. You know them. You work with them, you go to church with them, and you wonder how someone who is fundamentally a decent person can possibly believe the utter BULL being peddled as morality.

Here’s the deal – the average Dem is either Entitled or Benighted. There are very, very few Anointed. We must assume that our goal is to strip the support of first the Benighted, and then the Entitled away from them. Very simply, there’s only one way to beat a lie. Beat it with the truth. Refuse to concede, refuse to acknowledge that cynical manipulation will EVER conquer the truth, and expect to die on that hill.

If we permit the Anointed to scare us away, because they don’t care and we know they don’t care, and that they’ll gladly use our bodies to grease the treads of their political tanks, we have conceded to them. We are hiding under the blanket, afraid of a boogeyman that will melt away when we turn on the light of truth. This boogeyman has SOME power, but not much. The more people cast a light on him, the less he can do. Witness the recent stridency from the left over the “War on Women”. They know they’re losing. Yeah, you might get hurt, but if you’re one of thousands, your personal injury will likely be very slight. Stand up. Turn on the light. Face the boogeyman, until you realize that you’re the only reason he has any power at all.


3 thoughts on “Creating the boogeyman

  1. I’m glad you liked the taxonomy. Thanks for referencing it.

    One quibble, though. I do classify King Barry as Anointed. In a certain sense Anointed is like Entitled on steroids in that an Entitled wants money or favors, but and Anointed wants everything an Entitled wants PLUS power. Moreover, an Anointed feels a sense of superiority, he or she is deeper and wiser and is therefore entitled to run our lives for us. For an Entitled it’s a similar thought process, only they’re content to let other folks run things so long as they get theirs.

    Even if Barry is a puppet run by the likes of Valerie Jarrett, it’s obvious he has a deep sense of worthiness, that he has the right to do whatever it takes to remake America into what he thinks it should be.

    Another way to look at it is that all the Anointed feel entitled, but not all of the Entitled feel Anointed.

    But overall I’m in definite agreement. Thanks again.


  2. That’s actually exactly where I differ with your taxonomy – to say that the Anointed are “the Entitled on steroids” ascribes far less malevolence to the Anointed than I think they deserve. My mental distinction is that the Entitled are merely useful idiots, whereas the Anointed are the actual masterminds behind it. I suspect that the number of people that I would consider Anointed is much smaller than the number you would, though.


    • Or perhaps I ascribe more malevolence to the Entitled. I find the idea that you deserve other people’s stuff repugnant. It’s not quite greed for power (the Anointed’s sin), but still pretty bad.

      But there are distinctions within the Entitled. Some are just greedy and don’t give a damn about anybody else. Some still want a lot, but they really feel victimized and believe that getting stuff is the only way to rectify genuine injustice. In both cases wrong, but one’s worse.

      I agree that the Anointed are the masterminds, and I’ll grant that “Entitled on Steriods” wasn’t the best way to word it. The Anointed are so full of themselves that they believe “what’s good for me”=”what’s good for humanity”. They deserve not only your money, but your respect, your deference, and the right to determine whether or not you’re successful. It’s perfectly okay for them to defy every rule they impose on the rest of us because they’re special.

      The Entitled’s desires only go so far, they get their goodies and they’re set. The more greedy may want extra benefits, but all they want are benefits. The Anointed want your very soul.

      I therefore place Obama into this group. He gives every indication that he sees himself as superior to the rest of us and thereby deserving of every perk imaginable.

      Also, the Anointed often have actual power, but it’s not required. There are Anointed teachers, low-level bureaucrats, etc. Their political views are a function of their worldview, they see themselves as genuinely superior to the rest of us. The taxonomy is more about mindset than actual position or role, although the roles and mindsets often coincide. Today he may be a librarian, but given the chance he’d lord it over you with all the fervor of Mao. This makes him the enemy, and he therefore needs to be opposed the same way you’d oppose Harry Reid.


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