Why I still attend church

Read this.

“John” as shown in the article is where I was a couple of years ago. I stopped attending services, and distanced myself from the visible church. I made a mistake. Fortunately, I was required to start attending again because of a ministry that I wanted to be involved in. This ended up revolutionizing the way I thought about the Body.

John is tired. John feels frustrated. John is in a place where he does not feel needed, useful, or like he is part of the Spirit’s ministry to the world. I get where John is coming from.

John made a mistake in leaving the Body behind.

I exhort you, if you’re finding yourself to be exhausted by churchianity, and you feel yourself ready to walk away from organized religion, to reconsider your modes of action. Far and away the easiest thing to do is to start meeting at the local Panera with six other people on Sunday mornings, and discussing the Bible for a few hours, but you’re not addressing the problem. At the end of the day, we’re still called to be salt and light, and if that means that we need to be salt and light to our home churches when they have lost their way, then WHY ARE WE WALKING AWAY?

The harder path is to address the problem. So what if you’re not an ordained pastor or a member of the board or if you’re fighting entrenched power structures? Start a small group. Gather together people who can form a group that is ready to change the worldly way we do things now. If you can find even one other member of your local church that objects to the way things are done, you have a core of people who can fight. Use the system if you can, but don’t be afraid to stand up to authority.┬áBe salt and light. If we don’t fix the rot in ourselves, we surely won’t fix it anywhere else.